Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit's newest tracker with a detachable band

These trackers are easy to use thanks to a touchscreen, backlit display and on-screen dashboard that helps you track sleep, activity and more, all from your wrist.
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I really like the addition of detachable bands now, especially coupling it with a sleek all metal one
The new dual-tone screen looks like a nice improvement over the Alta's. Elegant lines too. Hmm, maybe have to consider upgrading sometime!
I really like this
I really like this
So I have a Fitbit Charge 2 and the sleep tracking is as good as it gets. I wake up for a couple of minutes in the middle of the night to turn around, and in the morning I can see it clearly in the sleep graph. I usually wake up often in bed for a few minutes at a time and the Fitbit is the only device that gets that and shows me how long I've ACTUALLY slept. Got a Mi Band 3 two weeks ago and while it's great for its price, it doesn't realize that I wake up during the night. It recognizes when I fall asleep and when I wake up for good, but doesn't catch the short periods of time that I lie awake in my bed. Those often add up to around 30 minutes so the "time asleep" that the Mi Band shows me is often inaccurate. The only two gripes I had with the Fitbit until now were: - no way to see how long I've slept on a particular night on the band (have to open the damn app on my phone) even though steps, floors and everything else I care less about is there. - kind of bulky, looks awkward on my small wrist. It looks like the Inspire fixes both of those things! I'm seriously considering getting it soon. I expect the usual amazing sleep tracking from Fitbit :) Although I do wish they'd just update my Charge 2 and make it show me my sleep time on the band itself (who knows, perhaps the will?! One can dream...)