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Did you guys fix the issue with the strap? Mine is in a terrible condition as it pealed off - I think the glue that you guys are using for Charge 1 isn't really reliable.
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@murryivanoff We went through five of those. If they even barely get wet they come apart. The fact that Fitbit would so readily keep replacing them was a sign that it was a serious design flaw.
@murryivanoff Sorry to hear about your experience. Contact Fitbit support about fixing your Charge 1. Charge 2 features a new design with replaceable bands. You can see how the bands now attach above in the video around the 1:20 mark and in the backside image.
@murryivanoff I had a similar problem with the Charge Hr back cover. It came off as I unplugged the charger. I glued it back yesterday, without issue, but wondered if anything might melt when Iapplied it. So far so good.
@dc2fla Sorry to hear about your experience. Contact Fitbit support about fixing your Charge 1. Fitbit Charge 2 features a new charging cable design that doesn't put tension on the device.
@murryivanoff gear fit 2 from Samsung strap is very nice. Value for money.
The most popular fitness wristband from Fitbit just got better. - Sleek, new design: The modular design and easy-to-read tap-sensitive display is four times larger than Charge HR, letting you personalize a look that fits your style with interchangeable bands and clock faces – while keeping you connected with the smart notifications you need most. - Get a snapshot of your cardio fitness level: Automatically find out how fit you are with a personalized cardio fitness level and score, based on your estimated VO2 Max, that are calculated using your user profile, heart rate and exercise data. Plus, get guidance to take action and improve your score over time by increasing exercise frequency, intensity, or by reaching a healthier weight. - Relax with guided breathing sessions: Charge 2 offers a relaxing mindfulness experience that calms your body and mind through personalized deep-breathing sessions called “Relax”. The beat-to-beat changes in your heart rate determine your personalized breathing rate for each experience. Two- and five-minute sessions display real-time heart rate visualizations, animations and vibrational cues to help you align each inhale and exhale with the guide, and find moments of calm throughout your day. Research has shown that developing a long-term guided breathing practice can have health benefits that include reducing stress3 and anxiety4, and lowering blood pressure. - Enhanced fitness experience: Get real-time, actionable exercise stats right on the display so you can make instant adjustments during your workouts and improve over time. - Multi-sport modes: Track specific workouts like runs, bike rides, weights, yoga and more, plus get post-exercise summaries and a detailed report of your activity in the Fitbit app. - Connected GPS: Links your fitness wristband with the GPS in your smartphone to provide even more precise and actionable real-time stats, like pace and distance when you’re running, while recording a map of your route in the app.
@jeremiahlee Does it have better QA? I returned my Charge HR 3 times before giving up on them.
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@jeremiahlee I love the instant workout updates feature.
@jeremiahlee On the compare page, it says it doesn't have GPS. Maybe there's a difference between GPS and Connected GPS? At any rate, was just thinking about getting one, so I ordered. Thanks!
@budparr Fitbit Charge 2 can work with the sensors on your nearby Android or iPhone phone to track GPS data (known as connected GPS).
Fitbit hords your data and virtually kidnaps it, as they don't want to integrate with Apple Health Kit. A deal breaker here. Around 3300 votes for this in the Fitbit community and no answer since 2014. https://community.fitbit.com/t5/...
@jan_sapper That's why I like how Garmin does it. I can share my data with Tapiriik.com, which can then share with Runkeeper, Strava, and more.
@jan_sapper Fitbit does not sell user data and has no incentive to "hoard" your data. For perspective, Fitbit has more than 16 Million active users and only a few thousand have requested this feature. Fitbit offers free data export to CSV, Excel, and TCX formats, as well as a free Web API that's used to power many third-party integrations. Some of the best integrations—like Strava, IFTTT, and MyFitnessPal—are listed at https://www.fitbit.com/partnership .
@jeremiahlee it would be okay if SyncSolver got hourly Fitbit data via your API, but they can't
@jeremiahlee @jan_sapper Yeah, but neither does Apple's HealthKit sell my data. They remain on the device and allow me to exchange data between a variety of fitness/health-related devices. The argument that out of "16 million active users only a few thousand" have requested this feature doesn't hold up as you didn't actively ask all of those 16 millions. You have to change your perspective on that. Users have to have the intrinsic motivation to sign up and search your messy support forums to find the request a feature section. This obstacle will let you lose more than 99% of your user base. And honestly the fact that a few thousand request this very feature would bother me.
@boettges @jeremiahlee Thanks Peter, that's exactly what I was going to answer here. Anytime I see someone using FitBit I recommend them to switch fast, as an island of data is useless if you can't put it next to each other. For example I can't make a correlation of my weight with my sleep quality... Aria, such a malinvestment. Withings should have been the reasonable option.
Looks like a great update. Congrats on the launch! Does the Charge 2 sync with Apple Health?
This looks great but they lost me as a customer almost 6 months ago. I had an HR, the strap ripped (as many customers have complained about) so they replaced it. The replacement broke within 3 months. I contacted support, they said the band issue was completely fixed and replaced it again. Repeat 3x more and now I have a broken band and a coupon to buy another fitbit. I'll be switching to the Apple Watch come September. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@manikrathee I genuinely hope you find a product that works for you. FWIW Charge 2 features a new hardware and band design.
@manikrathee ~just an FYI, I had to REPLACE 4 different Apple iPhone 4S, so IMO most all products have their quirks; hence, technology is a CONSTANT - "Work in Progress" :)! Remember, most Humans have <3> https://gfycat.com/ShockingRevol...
@manikrathee My fitbit charge broke also (just barely after the warranty expired), so I bought an Apple Watch. And the build quality is definitely better and I really expect it to last a while. But as a fitness tracker, it's pretty lacking in comparison and I'm finding myself missing my fitbit.