A fast and secure browser for standalone virtual-reality and augmented-reality headsets.

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Glad to see Mozilla investing in this! Putting a browser window in VR doesn't seem that useful right now but I'm sure we'll see some interesting experiments and design patterns over the coming months. Curious what you've seen so far, @cvanw. 🤔
@rrhoover First off, thank you to the Product Hunt community for featuring us. Starting with the fundamentals, we wanted users to be able to visit websites in portable, standalone VR headsets. Instead of a restricted frame on a 2D screen, you can now experience web content in 360°. In Firefox Reality, you can stream videos on a huge screen with compelling audio and custom background environments. Beyond that, Firefox Reality supports the WebVR JavaScript API standard that lets developers use WebGL to create content that more resembles what you’ll find today in VR app stores. As most web content today isn’t developed with WebGL/WebVR, we’re also exploring ways to make it easier for creators to make existing Web content in VR be more interesting, compelling, and intuitively designed for consumption. For $199, you can get yourself an Oculus Go that you can carry in your bag. Launch Firefox Reality to try out a few Immersive experiences featured on our Home page, play a video on YouTube, or use our voice-search assistant to Google for “best free scary Oculus Go games.” We have a lot more functionality (https://github.com/MozillaRealit...) in the works. Stay tuned! And do let us know if you have any questions, comments, or feature requests.
@cvanw awesome. Excited to see how this matures.
@rrhoover Thanks for featuring our product! We are working on adding a bunch of new features in the coming releases and working on improving performance. Feel free to reach out. Our user support channel and communication information can be found here: https://github.com/MozillaRealit...
Thank you, Product Hunt, for featuring Firefox Reality. Piggybacking off of the improvements from Firefox Quantum, we optimized our browser engine for mobile hardware, specifically standalone VR headsets. The result is Firefox Reality, a new browser that uses Mozilla’s new GeckoView engine (unlike our browser counterparts which use forks of Google's Chromium with its Blink engine). To add a plug for Firefox desktop: since last summer, Firefox on PCs can launch WebVR experiences using the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. You’ll need a beefy PC and might trip over the tethered wires, but you can enjoy WebVR experiments and mini games today – and at 90 FPS! Give Firefox Reality a try today, and stay tuned for more improvements in future releases. Thank you! https://mixedreality.mozilla.org...
yeah this is nice
Why a single window browser in VR ???????? VR is 360° !!!!
@adrien_donot it's supposed to be a base for webvr stuff
@adrien_donot I know, right?! Tabs are in the works for upcoming releases: https://github.com/MozillaRealit...
Personally, designing websites for a truly VR experience sounds really fun!
@gingerchew Indeed! It is rewarding to view your own creations in 360°. A great place to start is this guide by our resident DevRel, Josh Marinacci (https://twitter.com/joshmarinacci): https://blog.mozvr.com/firefox-r...