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#1 Product of the DayJune 28, 2019
Firefox Preview combines the speed, privacy, control, and easy-to-use features you have come to expect from Firefox. Thanks to the GeckoView engine, Preview is 2x times faster than earlier Firefox versions with Always-on Tracking Protection plus Collections.
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I've been working on this product as an engineer for the past six months. Ask me anything!
@colinmlee Thank you and your team for your work. I am big fan of Firefox. My question would be how your approach differs from other browsers like Opera or Brave in terms of user privacy?
@colinmlee Does it sync with firefox desktop via firefox account? Also, what's the difference between this and firefox focus?
@aviaryan123 Currently, Bookmarks and History syncs with desktop. Other syncing is coming soon. Firefox Focus was a very basic browser with no Bookmarks, syncing, or tabs that stay loaded on switching. We hope to bring more privacy-oriented features to Firefox Preview for our Focus users.
@petertothsk I cannot speak for the whole team, but our approach flows from Mozilla's mission. Privacy is at the core of everything we do. Whenever there are trade-offs, we aim to offer users control. I respect the tech at those organizations, but their financial incentives are not always aligned with privacy. Brave openly collects money for eyeballs. I miss the innovative Opera under old ownership. That doesn't mean they aren't doing interesting things.
@colinmlee Not really a big fan, but this Firefox is really promising. Do you think there is any possible for it to move on PC platform? Also, can I have an option to minimize the border-radius of its card/tab/block (don't really know what it call)
It's definitely faster. I like that the search bar is moved to the bottom of the screen. Every web page now feels like a native app. I move between tabs more often than sharing links or bookmarking a page. If the drag behaviour is used for switching tab, it'd be perfect. Will keep using it.
@aguspdana +1 for drag to switch tab!
What an amazing
Great job!!😊
Hey @colinmlee can one subscribe to get pinged when its available in iOS?
@mordodemaru iOS imposes some limits on what we can do, but Firefox for iOS could pick up some features and UX. Maybe join their betas?
@colinmlee Is it up to the Firefox or iOS team to choose how much from FF Preview it picks? Isn't there a common roadmap? Or is FF Preview in fact where FF for iOS (or mobile for that matter) is actually going i.e. the same project?
@colinmlee OK this explains things better It was linked atop all along, Jesus!