Fireflies for Zoho CRM

`Record, transcribe, and log all your meetings into Zoho CRM

Fireflies lets you automatically record, transcribe, and log all your meetings into Zoho CRM. No more note taking needed. Recall every conversation and search through all your past calls in one central place.
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Hi Product Hunt 👋, I'm Krish, co-founder at and I am here along with my co-founder @sudotong. We’re back with a new version of Fireflies that now integrates with Zoho CRM. Thanks to our new partnership with Zoho, we’re able to help solve CRM data entry once and for all :) Here’s the thing, you’re having lots of sales and customer calls. Chances are critical information from these meetings is not making it back into your CRM. Let’s face it, no one likes CRM data entry. However, it's a crucial part of the sales process. Having all the details about a contact helps you: 1. Sell better 2. Hand off deals better 3. Nurture relationships and follow up effectively 4. Keep your entire team in the loop 5. Help your manager coach you Fireflies plugs into your Google or Outlook calendar and can join meetings from a plethora of web-conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, GoToMeeting and more. You can even invite to your meetings or upload previously recorded audio files to our platform to be transcribed. Once a meeting is processed you can listen to the call, read the transcript, see activities logged inside Zoho, and search all your past calls inside our dashboard. The Zoho CRM community is growing quickly and it was one of our most requested integrations. We’ve already been able to help a handful of teams and we’re learning so much. Can’t wait to hear your feedback and thoughts. Also open to new feature suggestions & requests. We'll be around all day answering questions, so feel free to comment here or email me or my cofounder Sam directly at or Check out a publication from the Zoho Marketplace about Fireflies:
Well done guys!
Great job folks. Just Upvoted. Keep up the good work.
Game changer. Big fan of fireflies