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Intelligently create, route and automate work. for Slack is a bot that helps you track work items and start automating tasks like meetings, emails, and calls with the push of a button. Manage your work right from Slack, and integrate with your project management tools like Trello and Asana.

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Thanks, @everette, for hunting us! Hi Product Hunters, Sam and I, made (a bot) to help teams track their work and actually start automating tasks right from Slack. Teams spend up to 50% of their time managing projects, tasks, deadlines. A lot of the time spent managing projects is invested in administrative tasks that could be automated. With more channels/members in your Slack team, there is going to be a lot of noise, causing important messages to slip through the cracks. Not only does Fireflies create tasks from conversations with a simple FF, but it also lets you transform any existing message into a task with a simple + emoji reaction. Simultaneously, we are building an intelligent layer that learns as you make tasks and suggests potential actions you might have missed. By developing a contextual engine on top of the task management system, we enabled Fireflies to perform actions like starting calls, creating calendar events, and making purchases on Amazon. We don't want you to just manage work, we want you to complete it with AI. If you want to see more features or have any questions, we’d appreciate your feedback! We love talking to our users and are always open to suggestions.
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I’ve been using the Fireflies chrome extension for the last few months. It’s been extremely useful with my personal tasks and got integrated seamlessly with my workflow. The field of AI has been blooming recently, we see a plethora of complicated AI apps come out every week. I believe you guys have taken a smart step by including AI in a very fundamental aspect of our lives - remembering - which can have large (possibly consequential) impacts. Super excited to try out Fireflies - in a team context - on Slack; I can see it having way more potential there. Hope to see Fireflies expand to other platforms in the coming months!
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@ahansabharwal Glad to hear you have been enjoying the chrome version of Fireflies, you'll be excited about our Slackbot!! Krish and I have sort-of become reliant on Fireflies to catch the promises that we are making across our 20+ Slack communication channels. We've also thought long and hard about AI, and our primary focus is to implement it in a way that is actually useful for our users. It's so incredibly important to find the right balance between being smart/context-relevant, while avoiding being an annoyance to your users. We're excited about our Slackbot as it offers a very seamless method of understanding that an AI is watching your back. Communication is critical for teams and can really be the driver for a successful business. We've designed Fireflies to help teams communicate more efficiently, opening up more time that goes towards making the decisions that will impact your business.
Fireflies is the only productivity bot that I've used that ACTUALLY produces value in my daily life. I don't have to change my habits, I don't have to worry about forgetting to use it. Fireflies just always has my back. I forget stuff A LOT, so it's a godsend for stopping things from slipping through the cracks. Great job @sudotong and @krish_rams. You've figured out how to turn the AI assistant from a nifty widget that people never use into a crucial component of living a productive life in the hectic modern age.
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@will_jack Thanks for the words and your activity with the bot, Will. We really put a strong emphasis on running unobtrusively in the background while still being able to capture and execute on the things that matter to you. AI is ultimately a tool, and we believe that it should be complementary to what you do in a team context. We all know how cluttered team messages can be, and though they are super convenient, we often lose work items in our communications streams. As Fireflies grows and learns with your team, it will become an ultra-convenient resource for tracking work and automating tasks.
Great job guys!
@goldman_artem Thanks Artem. Really like the work that you are doing over at Visabot -- you guys succeeded in turning an overly complicated workflow into a simple process. Love it!
Looks great, quick question - how're you guys applying ML / what type of data re you collecting to power it? interested where this might go / other opportunities to apply what you're doing
@harrisonhuntr Hi Harrison, great question! We're training our AI to understand team-specific and user-specific tasks. It turns out that teams identify different types of things as tasks, as do individuals. The same phrase that is a task for one team is not a task for another. To understand what is and what isn't a task, we track our accepted and declined suggestions as well as the manually created tasks to determine the qualities of what makes up a task per team and per user. At scale, this looks like an ultra personal AI that has learned not only what action items you need to do, but also how you prefer to do them.