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#5 Product of the DayMay 14, 2014
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We built this to make it easy for developers that use client-side frameworks to deploy and scale their apps. We'd love to know what you think!
So, theres a bit of irony that the first bullet point says "We deliver all of your static content (html, js, images, etc.) over a secure SSL connection and serve it on a CDN." yet when I go to their site I get an SSL warning in Chome. Error: The identity of this website has not been verified. • Server's certificate does not match the URL. @startupandrew I use Heroku... a lot. What makes Firebase better / why should I switch? It isn't immediately apparent via the website.
@startupandrew - Really looking forward to taking this for a spin, having this ease of deploying an AngularJS app would make my life so much easier.
Oh, nevermind @startupandrew... I see, it is only for the static files, not for an application. So this would be used in place of something like Akamai or S3?
The broken SSL icon is due to a bug in Vimeo. We're working to replace the videos with another provider. It's intended for people building apps using client-side frameworks like Angular, Ember, Etc. Check out our blog post for more info: