Finger on the App

The last person with their finger on the app wins up to $25K

MSCHF x MrBeast dropped a one-time game happening on 06/30 3:00pm EST where thousands of people will compete for a cash prize - there is only 1 winner.
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Debating if I should buy a new phone + a robotic arm to win the $25k
@raynyvc exact same thought went through my head
Ahhhh what an unexpected feeling of nostalgia! Here I am, browsing Product Hunt, looking for the Next Big Product and I stumble on "Finger on the App" by "Mischief." This reminds me of the time I accidentally glued my finger to my phone in the summer of '09. It was just a flip phone at the time, mind you. I spent 4 days struggling to get it off before nature finally took its course. Even though it was a terrifying and embarrassing period of my life, I now look back on it fondly. Strange isn't it? A period of intense stress can give way to a feeling of catharsis and color your memory of the whole experience. I wouldn't have wished to repeat it, but with $25K on the line, you best believe I will be gluing my 9 remaining digits to my screen.
You love looking at your phone. You do it in bed; on the bus; at the table; with your friends; before you sleep at night. You love looking at your phone. To confess you do not is to describe your days as a living hell. iPhone games offer the simple joy of completing a task. Swipe the colored dots, jump the little wall, click the cow - these are challenges that we can do successfully, unfailingly: a hamster’s water bottle of dopamine drips - of diminishing return, perhaps, perhaps, but unending all the same. When you get down to it, every iPhone game says only: move your finger like this. Keep your finger on the app and you’re winning (You are winning, aren’t ya, son?). Finger On The App boils down phone use to it’s minimalist core, and yet, for the hours or even days this contest runs, your phone can provide utterly no utility so long as you play. Finger On The App ties you to your device by the soft pressure of your dominant digit as inexorably as a steel ball and chain, while sealing it beyond your grasp. In this connected world a million beeps and chimes compete for our attention, a deluge of contacts and content. As our attention spans flee, Finger On The App demands utmost devotion to a total absence of distraction: a game where you can’t do anything. And one of you will win: but you will be a victor at the mercy of the conquered. If only the mass always had such sway over the throne. Ask yourself, having suffered - of boredom only, we hope - alongside your finger-possessing comrades in arms, will you, upon failure, wish the survivors the best of luck or curse them with your last breath? The winner of Finger On The App will be the player with the least control over its outcome.
Lol, MSCHF. ❤️
@rrhoover thanks Ryan!!!!
What would prevent a user from just setting up their phone to have a sausage on it?