Find Us by Tesla

A map of all supercharger and service center locations πŸ—ΊοΈπŸš—

Find Us is a map released by Tesla Motors to help anyone find the nearest supercharger, stores, service centers and more for their Teslas ⚑

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Great job!! 😊 Does this support countries which are going to be electric ?
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@ayush_chandra It supports countries where there are superchargers and service centres. Not sure why it is suddenly being hunted, it has been available on Tesla's website for years.
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@ayush_chandra @frassmith They updated the map to include up and coming supercharger locations. This is the tweet that started it:
@ayush_chandra @peet818 Well that is useful to know. I just wish they would give the smartphone app a bit of love and add the charging network to it and perhaps the ability to plan routes on mobile and transfer to the car gps later.