Jeremy Peronto
Jeremy Peronto reviewedFinA new kind of assistant that runs in the cloud

Aspirational; Incredible demo.


Expensive on a per task and overall basis; Poor definition of an "effective minute".

I want to believe in Fin. I was turned off by the price, but was wowed by the demo video and took it for a spin. I was so excited by the potential that I even found a spot for it on my home screen.

My first request was to send flowers to someone for under $50. The ETA given was 95 minutes. Three hours later I had gotten no feedback. Concerned that I going to end up spending more on the service than the flowers, I asked for a status. I got feedback that the task would take longer but I was only being charged for the active minute. My ETA increased to 10 hours. As I watched the cost balloon up to $38, I cancelled the task.

My second request was to add a brewery I had just heard about to my "Restaurants to try" list. In my mind, this should basically be an AI task that would be used when I asked Fin to make future bookings. I assumed it would take next to zero time. Instead, it took 18 effective minutes.

$56 later, I had a single restaurant added to a list.

I believe in the utility Fin is selling. But after limited use, the vision and the execution feel very far apart. And as much as I want to be an optimist, the founder responses to user comments here on Product Hunt read as tone deaf and are in the process of converting me to a pessimist.

Jeremy Peronto has used this product for one day.
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Etienne Juneau
Etienne Juneau@etiennej · Exercise scientist, founder, dreamer
Well put! Thx for sharing your experience.