Gorgeous photography filters for Photoshop

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Hey everyone! Super excited to be on ProductHunt today. I started FilterGrade a little over a year ago when I struggled to find the right base effects when editing my photos. Others were too costly or poorly created and hard to use. I needed replicable photography effects for certain projects to save a bit of time when editing 10, 20, 30 photos at a time and the options out there were weak. And so FilterGrade was born. It has been a pretty interesting journey and am really glad I started. You can read a little more about how I used marketplaces to build my MVP here: Finally, if anyone wants to try out the actions or needs a bit of help learning more about them I'll hang around the comments. Happy to get you started. :)
Brilliant filters from Mike! Love FilterGrade myself too πŸ™Œ
@scotty_webb Thanks Scott! Can't wait to work with Unsplash on some fun new projects in the future!! :D
@moloneymike @scotty_webb Same here Mike! Great work here on ProductHunt!
Oh and almost forgot earlier. Here is a 50% OFF coupon for Product Hunters - "PHSAVE". Enjoy!
I met Mike through the launch chat, super smart guy and FG is pretty sweet. He showed me a couple of tricks to use (as a total noob), which I implemented on some family pics and some stuff that I'll use on pinterest, pretty cool stuff!. My favorite action is the Color Wash one, gives it that instagram flavour :)
@freshfey Ah thanks so much for the kind words man! Love the ColorWash set myself. :)
These look slick! Nice filters Mike!