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What do people think of Freepik?

The community submitted 43 reviews to tell us what they like about Freepik, what Freepik can do better, and more.
What do you think about Freepik?
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43 Reviews
Paola Greggio

senior product manager at Revelo

so helpful for me! A vast range of free images with high quality ready to edit and use

maski can
maski can

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5) Creativity Unleashed - AI Image Generator Revolutionizes Digital Art I'm the type of person who struggles with art and design, so the AI Image Generator is a literal game-changer for me. As an average user, the tool is just perfect for my needs. It's intuitive, efficient, and above all, incredibly user-friendly. The concept is simple, yet fascinating: you type in a text, and the tool generates a unique image based on it. It sounds easy enough, but the results are truly astounding. With a click of a button, I've been able to turn mere thoughts and ideas into pieces of visual art. It's astonishing to witness the vivid images this tool can conjure up just from a few words or a sentence. In terms of variety, the AI Image Generator offers several art styles, adding a layer of customization that enhances the overall experience. Whether I'm in the mood for something abstract, modern, or traditional, this tool has me covered. Each image is distinct and tailor-made to your description, so you never have to worry about generic or repetitive results. The functionality is smooth and the process is efficient. There's no lag or stalling, and the images appear almost instantly. It's refreshing to see such a complex process being carried out so seamlessly, a testament to the AI's capabilities. It's made me appreciate the wonders of artificial intelligence all the more. In conclusion, the AI Image Generator is a standout product that simplifies the process of creating digital art and encourages creativity. It's not just a tool, it's an inspiration machine. I highly recommend it to anyone, artist or not. It truly democratizes art and offers a window into the incredible potential of AI. Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to see what's next!

Hasan Khan

Y.M. Baytöre
Verynice project
Very nice

Business Marketing with Nika
Content creator & social media marketer
14 reviews
Wow! I didn't know that Freepik offers the opportunity to create motion graphic designs. I did know about images and icons. Congratulation on the launch! :-)

Dzianis Yatsenka
Govar CEO
Hello! Wow, it looks great! I'll try. Could you please tell me if it possible to use free videos for commercial purposes? For example, can I use in my app social networks or even for Product Hunt launch?

Chargé de marketing
excellent ! facile et agréable à utilisez.


linda kosterman
Admin support for a group of creatives
Absolutely love it. It delivers exactly what I have been searching for.