Figma 3.0

Styles, prototyping++ and design at scale


Another amazing update from the great team at Figma! Here's what's new:

1) Prototyping — Device frames, fixed objects, advanced scrolling

2) Styles — Styles + new Team Library functionality for building design systems in Figma

3) Organization tier — New “Organization” tier to help scale design management across big companies

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40 Reviews5.0/5

Such a wonderful design tool to use and share with a Product Design team. And with the launch of 3.0, we can


The most powerful collaborative design experience I've ever seen. Lives in the browser. Where are your latest design files? On Figma.


Slow to load files and prototypes is literally the only downside. Once the files load, everything is snappy.

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First I was skeptical. A tool in the browser? Meh. But, after using it for a month and getting used to it now I see the whole potential of this. Keeping files in the cloud has huge benefits, especially with the whole saves history and versions. Also, the new styles are so cool and fast to use, really liking it so far. Big project infrastructure and organisation is so much easier. Thanks, Figma!


Creating a library of styles and components that you can keep in a single file and use it across your whole project is a game changer.


A bit slow to load.

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When we started Matter (, @JW suggested we use FIGMA to work together. At the time I had never heard of FIGMA and thought Sketch was still the hip app to use - Little did I know how much FIGMA would make the team's life better. Given our designer was distributed, using FIGMA to share files, discuss work-in-progress made everyone's lives easier and the team more productive. My only wish for FIGMA is a big performance increase and less demanding memory needs on my macbook pro.

Thank you figma team


You never need to ask for a file!


Performance, Figma does not match the performance of a native app or local file.

Can only get better


Everything every digital designer has dreamed about.


Nothing so far...

My current favorite design and prototyping tool. I have it under the student license and love all the features. Does prototyping better than Balsamiq, easier for me to make mockups than on photoshop / indesign, and has the best collaboration tools I've seen yet


- free - amazing collaboration tools - easy prototyping