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Figma 1.0

The first interface design tool with real-time collaboration


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Student | Developer | AI

I really love figma


Its amazing and so fast

It works for all platform


Sometimes net goes of. I wish there was a way around it

Co-founder, Range

I just LOVE Figma. The product continues to improve in steady and thoughtful steps. Whenever I hear of a design team using Sketch, I wonder why they aren't just using Figma!


Google Docs for Design. Great for interaction design, realtime feedback from teammates, design system support, and simple prototypes.


Slow for very large projects, unless you have a very fast laptop. Very limited API. No EPS import yet.

UX & UI Designer #usability #testing

This tool helped me (UX Designer) speed up feedback loops, remove knowledge barriers that stifle our company’s UX maturity, increase our company’s engagement with our UX process by making our designs accessible and increased the visibility of our departments work. Figma is a space that visualizes the highly collaborative and complex efforts required to develop software tools and bring UX into the purview of different key roles in multiple departments; resulting in higher-quality products.


Collaboration. Ease of use. Prototyping. Web-based.


Waiting for competitive features to be introduced.

I didn't want to be locked in but it managed to hook me eventually. It's just too good. Gotta say I'm in awe of the product.