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Hi everyone! Today we’re very excited to share Fiber, Framer’s first-ever UI Kit. It’s the perfect beginner bundle with additional components for the pros. All of the UI elements are ready to be customized to perfection while keeping interactions intact. Keep it as one seamless flow or pull out your favorite components—these patterns work together or apart. It’s free forever, so grab it here — https://framer.com/fiber/?utm_so... Still haven’t tried Framer? Today’s the day to get four months for free!
Fantastic work as usual!
Framer keeps pushing 🔥, congrats guys!
This is very neat. Thank you. This will speed up my design process so much because the most time-consuming part of using Framer is the initial setup. This definitely eases things a bit.
Lovely design. Should be helpful to people to get started fast.