A visual lineup of your most listened to Spotify artists

Festify takes your most listened to Spotify artists and creates a visual line-up so you can share with your friends.
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This is really fun! I always love when Spotify does similar things, but this is way prettier. Only thing I will call out is that "Festify" is already a Spotify-powered Jukebox (https://festify.rocks/).
This is a fun little tool that uses the Spotify API to create music festival posters for your favorite artists. You can make three posters for your last month, 6-months, and all-time listening. Mine are in the screenshots above. Hope you can make it! :)
Nice find, @kunalslab. Here's mine (from the last 6 months of Spotify history):
@rrhoover been listening to Late June all morning. Good stuff!
@rrhoover Computer Data and Ross from Friends! Big fan. You're just missing DJ Seinfeld and Baltra :)
@kunalslab @rrhoover whatever you do, just don't schedule ForestFest in May.
@rrhoover @chrismessina we'll do it whenever you come to Boston and when there are no mosquitoes!
Simple and fun! I'd print this in the A4 or A3 format at the end and hang it ;)

The idea is very nice, I like to visualize the artists I listen to a lot (usually I am using last.fm listening reports). It would be super nice if you could improve on the final festival rendition poster. Maybe add some functionality (changing main/secondary color) and use more interesting typography.


It's a simple but fun tool and the process is super easy.


The festival poster itself should be improved. It's a bit disappointing because the web design leading to it looks more interesting.