Let your guests vote on the next song (Turntable.fm IRL!)

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I (and many others) have fond memories of procrastinating on Turntable.fm (cc @billychasen @seth). Festify brings some of that nostalgic, collaborative DJ'ing to the real world, powered by Spotify. I wonder if Spotify is planning to build something like this. Credit to @kingthor for this find (LifeHacker article)
@seanalyn · Lead Designer Marketing Services, Chegg
Oh looks awesome! We use Rockbot to do this at clubs so this would be perfect for home parties.
Tyler Mathews
@tymathews · Cyberflaneur
Interesting that they're launching with Windows and iOS without Android. Any particular reason?
Joel Mackey
@webaddict · Inbound Marketer - PlattForm
This is so cool! We wanted to do this for our wedding so bad. Currently what we always do is have our guests add their own songs to a playlist on Spotify and call it "Song Off." This voting component makes it so much easier to let everyone be apart of the fun. I'm sold! :)
ben Watanabe
@benwtnb · 96 Problems
Had an idea like this for a long time, thought it would work great for clubs/bars if it had a social loop built in, so people tweeted to pick the next song or playlist. Seemed like it could be a great way to get more people in a club that night.