A manager’s co-pilot for 1:1s, meetings, feedback & goals 🚀

#4 Product of the WeekSeptember 18, 2019
Finally 🙏 an app for managers.
Fellow is the co-pilot that helps managers and their teams have more effective 1:1s and team meetings, exchange feedback, and track goals – all in one place!
Discover what managers in top-performing companies already know 🚀
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Thanks for hunting our app and for all your contributions to the PH community @hnshah! Hi Product Hunt, I’m Aydin 👋 Today, I’m incredibly proud and excited to introduce a product that we’ve been working on for the past 2 years. We’re calling it Fellow and it’s a manager’s co-pilot — a toolkit for managers & their teams to power 1-on-1s, team meetings, feedback, goals and more. 👩‍💻👨‍💻 Who’s on Fellow? We’ve been in private beta with 10,000+ users at companies like Shopify, Keep Truckin, SurveyMonkey and more. We’re finally opening up Fellow to everyone and couldn’t think of a better community to start with. 📖 A bit of a personal story: Before creating Fellow, we were the co-founders of Fluidware, a company we bootstrapped to just under 100 in staff before it was acquired by SurveyMonkey 🐵. We started that journey as individual contributors and then became managers – and eventually… managers of managers! Like many startup folks, we benefited and learned from software for every aspect of our business, from sales to marketing, to customer success. However, as our number of direct reports grew, we always wondered: Why isn’t there a great app for managers of people?!? When sales and marketing professionals are hired, they get access to tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo. Fellow.app would be the equivalent tool for team leaders 👌. With this idea in mind, we interviewed industry experts and learned from the best coaches to determine the traits and practices that make someone a great leader. In the end, we built our learnings into Fellow: an app that empowers managers to have more effective meetings, set clear goals, and exchange ongoing feedback! If you lead a team, Fellow is the co-pilot that you’ve been waiting for :) ✈️ ✨ What makes Fellow special? Fellow is the first tool of its kind built from the lense of the manager focused on managing people. We wanted to build a lightweight tool that required no training and focused on a pleasant minimalistic experience. No bloat. Just the essentials. ...oh, and it integrates with the tools you already use like Calendar and Slack! 🔌 😻 We’d love to hear your feedback! We wouldn’t be where we are without our beta users’ ideas and support. Now, we’re excited to work with the ProductHunt community to get more feedback and continue making Fellow better for managers and their teams. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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@aydin_mirzaee does your app have integrations into large HR systems?
@charlesfugitt We do! We support syncing your team and its hierarchy from BambooHR, Workday, GSuite and Office365, and we plan on supporting more platforms. You can reach out to our customer success team at info@fellow.app for more information!
@hnshah @aydin_mirzaee Very excited for this, i think Fellow.app has loads of potential, every leader wants to have better meetings with their team. I've set my team up!
I use Fellow every morning to plan 1:1s with both my directs and upcoming “skip-level” meetings. It has taught me how to be a more consistent manager / leader.
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@michaellitt Thanks Michael - it's an honor to have awesome leaders like yourself on the platform!!
Fellow has been a Terrific experience so far. Previously, I had been using a mix of Notion, Trello and Google calendar to manage one-on-ones, and it quickly became unmanageable with 10 direct reports. Fellow.app has been really refreshing. I would highly recommend giving it a shot if you run a lot of one-on-ones.
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@moeadham So glad to have you and team on Fellow - please be sure to send us any product feedback as you use it!! Thanks Moe!
Love this product! I use it daily as a Manager and can’t get enough of it. My favorite feature is the ability to assign action items during meetings!
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@sabrina_leblanc1 Thanks Sabrina - some good news on action-items is that we are going to be enhancing that feature in the near future with things like due dates - I think you'll like what you see!
I've been using Fellow for over a year now and it's become an integral part of my routine. I can't remember what I did before in terms of organizing my 1:1's with staff, but whatever it was, it didn't work as well. This simple interface is always ready as one of my browser windows for me to log the various thoughts and issues I need to chat with my team about. The ultimate holding pen, with history, action items and shared content. The Slack integration and reminders are also great.
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@nick_quain It means a lot to us to know we've had a positive impact on your workflow Nick! We're still out there competing with physical notebooks - but I think you nailed it in terms of Fellow being the ultimate holding pen! We want to be that one place for all your working relationships.