The simplest way to collect user feedback

One step installation, no registration needed. The Feedbacket button appears on your website and you start collecting feedback. User comments and screenshots go directly to your email.

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Nice work! How does this compare to the other feedback libraries available? Also, putting the “f” at a jaunty really doesn’t make it look any less like Facebook 🤪
@chrisvxd haha, I was thinking the same thing. What is a backet BTW or did you just add an ET at the end of feedback?
@chrisvxd @daniel_ndukwu Yes, we just added 'et' at the end of feedback.
@chrisvxd Yes, I may need to rotate this 'f' a bit more to make it less looking like the facebook’s F :P. The idea is to have the script which: - does not require to create any account - can be easy to add to any page - getting feedback to my email, not to some panel that I need to log in to - have a super simple design for the popup, I dislike those where you can select the HTML elements instead of just highlight any section on the page - an option to easily pass variables to the email with the feedback, for example I can add user ID to the feedback email automatically, so that if a user submits something, I don’t have to ask them for an email, I can just do something like: var feedback_customName_1 = "User ID"; var feedback_customValue_1 = ""
Love the extreme simplicity, no signups and so on. But I feel you shouldn't charge anything for this. Try to make it so simple and free that it becomes the default of taking feedbacks on the internet. That'll help you capture the most market share. Eventually someone like InVision will acquire you so as their customer acquisition channel or would be an insane value to their product. But you'll have to have the most market or proprietary tech My $0.02. Cheers
that "F" though