Front-end review for the whole team

FeaturePeek lets front-end developers get UI/UX feedback from their team earlier in the release cycle. For every pull request, FeaturePeek automatically spins up a dedicated environment with commenting, screenshotting, and bug filing tools overlaid on top.
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Hey Product Hunt! 🤙 Cofounders Jason and Eric here. We started building FeaturePeek after noticing that our coworkers would wait until the last minute to leave product feedback on our web app. It was tempting to fault the procrastinating reviewers, but it happened so often that we realized it was instead a flaw in the review process. FeaturePeek fixes this problem by creating an environment for each pull request — aka a feature environment — with tools for comments, screenshots, and bug filing overlaid on top, so that teams can weigh in their feedback earlier in the development cycle. Think of it like InVision, but for implementations. You can share a link to your running branch without having to merge your code in. Instead of your reviewer checking out your branch, installing dependencies, spinning up a dev server, etc... they just click a link. Front-end devs love it because it reduces pointless iteration/churn, UX designers love it because they see their work come to life earlier in the sprint, and PMs love it because they can see a birds-eye view of their team's work in progress. FeaturePeek is free to use on public repositories, and starts at $16 / user / month for teams with private repositories. As a token of our appreciation, you can sign up using the code PH2019 and get 50% off of your first 3 months. But most importantly, we'd love to hear your input. Let us know any questions you have or what features you'd like to see. With your help, we can make FeaturePeek even better 😊
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FeaturePeek can save teams an incredible amount of back-and-forth during product development. Reviewing front-end work earlier in the dev cycle ensures that the whole team is on the same page, and eliminates the frustration that so often occurs right before a release.
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@gustaf Couldn't agree more!
FeaturePeek has become a critical part of our development workflow at Weights & Biases. For frontend development, behavioral and visual reviews are just as important as code review. But the process of getting setup to do interactive reviews is complex enough that it often doesn't happen. FeaturePeek makes it a zero-step process. All teams should use this. You'll build better software!
@shawn_lewis1 thanks for the kind words Shawn! I'm glad that we've been able to improve your workflow over at W&B 😃
We've been using FeaturePeek for several weeks now and it's really accelerated and simplified our front end workflow. Front end eng have a new production-like environment for every change that enables far faster and more direct feedback on PRs. Definitely recommend!
@landobeforetime Hooray! We've been very appreciative of all the feature ideas you've been sending our way – keep 'em coming :-)
Such a good idea, and a clever implementation. I'm interested in this new wave of tools that allow faster, better feedback cycles in product development!
@rajiv_ayyangar Thanks Rajiv! I agree, I'm looking forward to the next wave of future-of-work tools