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So excited to share Fat Lama with everyone today! Here are a few commonly asked questions: 1) Is it safe to lend my stuff? What happens if it gets damaged or stolen? No need to worry here. We have a first of it’s kind insurance policy which means every single item rented through Fat Lama is 100% insured. If anything is returned damaged we will make sure it is fixed or replaced ASAP. 2) How quickly can you book something? Our lenders are very responsive and flexible which means you can often pick up the item immediately. In fact 50% of our rentals are booked and picked up within 24 hours! 3) How much money can I make on Fat Lama? We have lenders making their entire salary just by renting on Fat Lama now. People are already making around £3000 every month just by renting their stuff! 4) What kinds of items rent best? There are a great many but some of our core categories are: photography equipment, audio equipment, DJ equipment, drones, instruments, tents, bikes and party stuff. If you’ve got anything that falls into these categories knocking around your home it’s time it started earning it’s keep! Get listing today… https://fatlama.com/create-item Any other questions just let me know!
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After having £10K worth of camera gear stolen from a FatLama Borrower. This is what the Director Rosie Dallas had to say to me...

"The Terms of Service are a legally binding contract which you agreed to at the point of sign up. The guarantee page is not. We are not under any legal obligation to payout to you *in view of your commercial insurance*."

Nice hey I thought a guarantee was a guarantee? They take 15% commision from me and say it goes towards insurance but when it comes to paying out...forget it.

The issue is Fat Lama amended the Guarantee and the Insurance FAQ to include the text "Commerical Insurance" AFTER I CLAIMED!!!

They then have the audacity to try and claim they never editing the text and I should have seen it when I signed up.

Luckily for me, I used googles cached web pages to go back in time to see what the website used to look like when I signed up and right before I claimed. Surprise Surprise nothing about Commerical Insurance!

If anyone else is having issues with FatLama lying please contact me and I'll send you the required evidence to back up your claims.They changed the wording around the 1st November-7th November 2017. So this only applies to people who joined before this date.

My insurance provider has recommended I notify the FCA and Financial Ombudsman, which I have done, so this claim will take months to resolve.

To all other leanders out there reading this I have just joined KitMapper, Dave seems like a really straight up guy and I don't mind paying a bit more knowing I'm not going to get screwed.




They only pay out claims after you use your own insurance. Its a guarantee not real cover

I've lended my GoPro through FL and the experience was simple. Now waiting on my 2nd booking...


Great insurance policy, which thankfully I haven't had to use yet


Needs more borrowers, but I know they're working on it

No insurance policy!!!
@rosie_dallas great idea. I have so many things in my garage that I would love to rent out. Your insurance solution solved a critical pain point. Congrats!
@nickhung Thanks Nicholas! :)
Congrats guys. Fat Lama's customer service is also lighting fast in my experience.
@tobymather Thanks Toby! :)