Fantastical 2 for Apple Watch

All the fun of Fantastical, on your wrist

This great calendar app is now available for Apple Watch.
I love the thought and care Flexibits puts into their software. Can't wait to try Fantastical for Apple Watch, partly because they didn't rush it. @macguitar +1 for raising the price by a dollar :)
@robjama @erictwillis Thanks for the kind words and support! :)
@robjama By the way, we didn't raise the price. The standard price has always been $4.99 - we sometimes have sales, so maybe that's what you were thinking of. :)
@macguitar Ahh it was the Canadian price I was looking at. Almost forgot we had our prices raised. 4.99 > 5.99 in Canada now.
Love Fantastical, perfect timing as my Watch just arrived last night.
@rrenna Thanks! Hope you enjoy it. :)
Is there a way to make the calendar shortcut on the Apple home (watch face) screen link to fantastical instead of apples calendar?
@jtriest No, there isn't.
A lot of the guests on my podcast mention fantastical. Nice to see the Apple Watch version :)
@paul_s_kemp Glad to hear. :) Hope you enjoy it!
@macguitar - great work! This is a great use case for the Apple Watch. Smart blending of all the technology you've developed over the years. Just got my watch and am loving this.