HQ meets America's Got Talent

Fameshow is a live talent show with cash prizes! Anyone can stream and the audience decides who gets more time. ⏳

Contestants are randomly picked to go live in front of everyone and have an initial 20 seconds to perform. Viewers can 'heart' talented performers, awarding them more time. Contestants are paid by the minute.⏰💸

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@rrhoover thanks for sharing on Twitter! I think the reason for this is that HQ defined a new genre of apps that is too large to be monopolized by a single show.
@rrhoover @mattschrage I was never a huge fan of these shows but it is a big market, so that's a very fair answer. It's mainly about execution now. Wishing you the best!
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Fun idea 😁 How do you prevent NSFW content?
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@daviswbaer good question! Moderation is a really important to get right so that Fameshow doesn’t devolve into ChatRoulette. New streamers are broadcast on a slight time delay and if they are doing anything inappropriate, someone new is selected to perform.
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@mattschrage Great thinking 😎
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absolutely love this concept :)
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@sydney_liu_sl thanks Sydney! 🤩
Thanks so much for the Hunt @msg and to @nickabouzeid for his advice on launching! Fameshow continues the trend of adapting established television show formats for mobile. We have daily shows with real cash prizes for talented streamers. The audience votes to give more time and streamers earn money by the minute as they perform. For streamers, Fameshow offers the next generation of social media stars a chance to broadcast in front of a massive audience and get discovered! You don’t need to be insta-famous or a vine-celebrity in order to go live! For the audience, you become a judge and get to watch the best live talent on the internet. You interact with streamers via chat and special emoji animations! I’ll be checking in on the comments all day, so if you have any questions let me know!