Fake faces

A tool to browse similar fake faces

This Person Does Not Exist is so cool, but I asked myself:
- How similar are they?
- Can it produce two (or more) photos of same fake person?
- Can it produce photos of me?
So I collected my small set of fake photos (80k), parsed facial features and made this browser.
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This is random/weird/cool. Feature request, @evgeniy_chernyshov: Ability to generate a photo of my fake uncle, son, father, etc. after uploading a photo of my face.
@rrhoover Yes! It's great idea! - to identify somehow if fake generator already generated a photo of me or not! Or how similar to me those fakes are? This is certainly worth exploring!
Lol, perfect for people doing an ICO :D
@nightcoder well, really funny is what they do next... Right now those images are random, but imagine that they can generate images with certain features! like features of your own face!
Matching your photo against fake photo database is still in progress)
where are the black face tho? - does it not work on people of color?
@radomako Original makers from Nvidia trained their network on pictures of human faces pulled from Flickr with wide variety of ages, races, gender. So the resulting fake images probably follow same variablity Examples: https://fakeface.co/detail/1451/ https://fakeface.co/detail/65971/