Have they faked me?

Check your foto against fakes from ThisPersonDoesNotExist

You have probably seen This Person Does Not Exist by Philip Wang.
But have you ever wondered, if they made photos, that look like you? Let's check!
Just upload your photo and watch fakes that look like you.
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Deep fakes are getting good. Here's a video on this:
@rrhoover thank you for the video!
I got a 0.468 fake on my face. Anyone scoring super highly?
@emilyjsnowdon my pics give mo more than 0.487. It also works well on group photos. Best to check with someone you know))
<3 <3 <3
Error 413
@jorgecerda Sorry for that, it was related to max upload filesize on webserver. Increased to 10mb, should work well now for most cases!!
Is this just a way of collecting loads of faces to enhance the deep fakes?
@banjo_lewis Yes Benjamin, to enhance results we need to collect more fakes, maybe x100 or x1000 times more. It would raise performance issues for sure. Anyway my feeling is that very soon we all would have ability to create any face based on any source foto, and it would match perfectly.