Learn from other entrepreneur's mistakes

Failory is a community where failed startup owners come to tell their failure stories and the mistakes they committed, so that future entrepreneurs can learn from them and don’t make the same errors.

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I think this would actually be very informative. Always good to learn from mistakes.
@sidneyswenson_ Thanks Sidney! Don't forget to bookmark the site and suscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on the latest additions.
We should definitely learn from our own mistakes... But it seems like learning from other's mistakes is even a better option! ;) Looks simple, it's really a fun and interesting idea and I'd check it out for sure.
@learnuxio Thanks for your feedback Greg! "Failure is success if we learn from them" many people say.
I'm not a fan of this kind of "learn from failure" stories because you can't actually learn anything practical. Not even founders know exactly why they failed, they just assume and sometimes they get to wrong conclusions. For example the Addressbin story... the reason for failure is stated as "nobody wanted an easy way to grab emails". Wrong! Drip, ConvertKit and many others do the same thing and they bootstrapped, so people want that...the issue was that the founder lack of motivation, funds and knowledge to market a product in a competitive space. This is usual on tech founders who love to write code(like me) and when it comes to marketing, things get rough.
@virgilci Hi Cioaca. I totally understand what you said and we are currently working on the next Failory update, which will add to each interview a conclusion explaining the precise cause of failure and which will go along with an article that will explain how to prevent such problem. I hope you will then find Failory more useful and thanks for your feedback!
Hey, I am the cofounder of Failory! I have many ideas for the site and lots of interviews to publish. Feel free to ask me any questions!
@clominson what are the three (or more) most common mistakes?
@sean_murphy Hi Sean, thanks for your question! The 3 most common mistakes are usually lack of time, developing a product that nobody need (so we can say no validation of ideas) and problems to monetize it. Hope you find Failory useful!
@clominson what are the main differences to Startup Graveyard?
@samrye_enspiral In Failory we interview the failed startup owners. In Startup Graveyard they summarized the causes of failure in each company. I personally recommend you both websites, as well as Indie Hackers!
Congrats on the launch, and for using Hue ( for your logo! Great idea, and well executed. 👍
@brettwill1025 Thanks Brett! Hue helped us a lot. We will requiere more design work in the future.