Facebook Flat Chrome Extension

Making Facebook lighter, faster and more beautiful

With the Facebook Flat Google Chrome Extension the experience of visiting Facebook is a lot different. Discover a new design and interface on Facebook. Try it now!

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36 Reviews3.8/5
I created this extension because I don't like original design and interface of Facebook. So I decided to change it through Chrome extension that can make using of Facebook much nicer and clearer. I need to your feedback.
@rajahibidyvo I actually like it. It improves the experience, can you also improve the facebook algoritm? And block the ads? ;) do improve the dropdown of the button in the bar above... I'm curious if and how this will start rolling.
@milann @rajahibidyvo Hello! What kind of algorithm you want to change? I have removed the ads from the blocks already. Soon I'll remove ads from newsfeed.
@rajahibidyvo i.e. stop baby photos and show intelligent quality conent
@milann No, there is no way to do it, sorry. Thanks for your feedback!
@rajahibidyvo This is really nice. Interesting to see someone take a service's UX/UI into their own hands. I'll install it and see how I find it compared to Facebook
Love the effort, but who here is still on Facebook? ;)
@milann 1 Billion people every month. :)
@pierrickgt @milann if they clicked on 'like' on a website they are count into MAUs, I believe.
Really love the design, one question though. Is it possible to resize the panel of the left as it takes up 1/3 of my screen in blue?
Something weird happening with my notification bar using this extension: And my left sidebar is centred? Doesn't appear to match the screenshot preview: I like the idea, unfortunately can't use it in this state.
@jeffandersen It will updated soon. Thanks for your feedback!
@jeffandersen Yeah I'm in the same boat. Uninstalled. It also is SUPER slow.
Great job with the UI - only thing i would change is the size of the left sidebar
@tomerharry I also would change the "Share on Facebook" and "Share on Twitter" buttons, they consume so much space for something that is not part of the UI, misleading the use of the buttons, for something you'll share only once.