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As a member of the team that worked to put this together, I'm excited we now have a home for current and future open source design tools and resources at Facebook. We are all grateful to give back to a community that has given us so much. I look forward to sharing future tools, assets and launches with the Product Hunt community.
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@michael_boswell So awesome, many many thanks 🙏
Now updated with new Apple and Google devices, and an iOS 10 GUI! We’ve also extended our set of components, making sure they match the standard components that an iOS developer would have at her disposal. :)
Thank you so much for continuing this. I have one question regarding the photoshop templates. Why do you use bitmaps (such as the chevrons) and bitmaps in smart objects (elements icons) instead of vector assets in photoshop?
so glad to see this tradition continue
No mention of @jlax, but looks like @gt is still on top of the templates game!