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Hey there! I work on UX design and content for Facebook Analytics for Apps. We're excited to launch support for Messenger Bot analytics so that you can understand your customers' complete journey across your apps and websites as well as how they interact w/ Messenger bots. Our new support for Messenger Bots builds on our deep demographics, powerful analytics tools, and push notification campaigns (to name a few other key features)—all free of charge. Would love Product Hunt's feedback!
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Great to see some official Facebook support! Couple of questions: 1) Is this retroactive? I am only seeing data as of 11/11 2) How is "stickiness" measured. Love the simplicity that the metric implies, but it's crucial to know the underlying way this is actually measured.
@dannyfreed 1) This is not retroactive. You'll see data starting from 11/11. 2) Stickiness is calculated by dividing daily active users by monthly active users. You can use this to understand what percentage of your monthly active users use your app or website every day. For example, if the stickiness for this event is 25%, then an average user was active on 7 out of 28 days. Conveniently, many of the explanations for the metrics are available when you click on the "i" icon.
We've seen a few of bot analytics startups and tools lately. Conversational UX is very different than typical GUI-based websites or apps, introducing very different ways of measuring engagement. How are you adapting Analytics as new "design patterns" and industry standards emerge, @jcolman?
@rrhoover What's great about Analytics is that we're building a tool that's flexible and scalable for all of the platforms your customers are on: native apps, web, mobile web, and now Messenger bots. Our goal is to give you as complete of a picture of your customer journey as we can so that you can make more data-driven decisions about how to grow your business. In the case of Messenger bots, we can show you what actions groups of people take when interacting with your bot, such as messages and responses sent, blocking/unblocking, and more. You can also see aggregated, anonymous demographics, set up funnels to measure conversion, analyze interactions by cohort, and a lot more. People building bots can use this data to improve their customer service and experience and grow their business.
Great to see analytics platforms coming quickly to support this as often it takes way too long before businesses can start to measure what the hell they are doing on social properly. Great work!
Looks awesome! Will save it for when I get my bot up and running. ;)