Facebook Analytics

Facebook's new analytics app on iOS and Android

The Facebook Analytics app enables you and your team to stay on top of your growth, engagement, and monetization efforts on the go. This is a companion app to your Facebook Analytics web product.Facebook Analytics is

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Nice find, @mattnavarra. We should expect an announcement about this at today's F8 conference (streaming in 2 hours). Question for those managing Facebook pages: Do you use any third party tools to measure and optimize engagement or growth? There used to be so many social media analytics companies years ago before first party tools like this advanced.
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I'm eager to try Facebook Analytics out. The first party mobile ads manager is a horrible experience, especially if you're running hundreds of campaigns. I built an iOS app specifically for monitoring/editing Facebook ads - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
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@rrhoover the reason for using 3rd party tools (like @socialElephants) can be summarized like that: 1) MULTI PLATFORM: compare KPIs across multiple social channels and multiple social networks in a unique report/dashboard. 2) ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS: instead of relying on generic native metrics (”engage users” , ”clicks”) that sometimes are misleading , you can get extra metrics that can help you focus on the fullfillment of your communication goals. 3) COMPETITORS ANALYSIS: powerful tools to track your competitors based on public KPIs @rrhoover ask me a demo if you want to know more details and feautures !
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