A photo/video app that lets you put yourself anywhere!

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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 15, 2017




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Yury MelnichekMaker@melnichek · Founder of Fabby, MAPS.ME
Allan, thank you for hunting for Fabby! Hello Product Hunters, I'm Yury, investor and co-founder of Fabby and former founder of maps.me. Fabby uses neural networks to detect background of a selfie in realtime and blur it or change it to a different one. Hope you enjoy the app! If you want to see more features or have any questions, we’d appreciate your feedback! Thanks for checking it out!
Adithya Shreshti@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@melnichek Wait! WHAT!! The app exactly detected the person in a slightly blurry photo and it changed the background perfectly! I AM AMAZED BY THE RESULTS.
Yury MelnichekMaker@melnichek · Founder of Fabby, MAPS.ME
@adithya Thanks! We are just scratching the surface of what's possible with deep learning
Andrew Tomin@andrew_tomin · Business and Systems Analyst
@melnichek Awesome app!
Allan YarmulnikHunter@allany888 · Mobile lead, Talkspace
@melnichek I tried to add you as a maker but it says "not approved yet". Anyone know how to fix?
Frantzdy Romain@frantzdyromain · iOS Developer, UPS
@melnichek it's Fabbylous
Darryl Wright@punk_cakes · Founder, CEO, Punk Science Studios
Curious if you have any plans to sell or license the tech for other apps?
Andrei KulikMaker@andreykulik · CEO, Fabby
@punk_cakes we are considering all options :) We have a number of offers and a ton of requests to license it, but we didn't make a decision yet.
Vasily Kuznetsov@vasily_kuznetsov
Wow, what an awesome app! Those developers from Belarus are awesome. Good luck!
Andrei KulikMaker@andreykulik · CEO, Fabby
Allan YarmulnikHunter@allany888 · Mobile lead, Talkspace
Found this on Techcrunch, look like an innovative addition to the Prisma/MSQRD/Snapchat Filter space.
Nick Coates@gadgick · Founder, Drafty.app
Congrats @melnichek on launching this awesome app! Any plans for developing the app for Android? (I know. There's always one!)
Yury MelnichekMaker@melnichek · Founder of Fabby, MAPS.ME
@gadgick We are working on Android! Hope to see it in February.