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I worked with Evolero last year, good product, up and coming.
@romanzadyrako Thanks! so happy to hear, and I'm sure you'd LOVE Evolero 2.0
And here's the story behind Evolero: My romance with events started in highschool, helping my mom on her newly founded conference company. Since then I initiated global events and started my own conference company for the bio-med industry. I LOVED it! But I hated the online experience. As an event planner, I always felt that my great speakers, cool presenters and diversified event community can take a more lively role online. Everyone are sharing, and being social, but event sites where silent and static. I wanted a platform that really integrates those online world into the events’ life cycle. So we built one!
@tlshoham the new design looks hot. Do you have a list of the features that are new in v 2.0?
@andrewwarner Thanks! The best list is featured on our blog, describing all the new/redesigned capabilities: http://blog.evolero.com/evolero-...
@bentossel, Delighted to! Evolero is an event platform helping organizers run all of their event sin one place. Alongside a complete suite of ticketing, website and networking tools, Evolero throws a digital lasso around all event generated content, from social engagement to speakers, keeping event site updated and attractive.
@tlshoham can you tell us some background on evolero :)
Looks great! How does it differentiate to Confetti? https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@stpe, Thanks! One main difference: Evolero gets EVERYONE connected into the site, adding content through their social streams. So you get a professional event website tool also constantly pulling and tagging registered speakers, sponsors and attendees' content through social media and from their activity onsite. Secondly: Evolero connects all events by the same organizer into one event hub. The hub serves ongoing networking and content searches - all the people, companies and content collected through each event are always live, labeled by event or content type and enhancing the event series