Everything But The House (EBTH)

Buy and sell one-of-a-kind items from the best estate sales


EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE is a one-stop-shop for collectors and bidders to browse online estate sales happening all over the U.S. and to explore thousands of one-of-a-kind treasures. From antique and vintage furniture to rare pieces of artwork and everything in between, all items start at just $1 with no reserves and no premiums.

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R. Brad Kirn
Paul Armstrong
Todd Henderson
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  • R. Brad Kirn
    R. Brad KirnHead of Sales @ Astronomer.io

    A wide variety of items, accurately labeled and described.


    Other people may want the same item, which drives up the price (as with all auctions)

    Great team, that are dedicated to providing an incredible user experience. I've never listed an estate sale, but from I've heard the EBTH team handles each sale with professionalism and reverence.

    R. Brad Kirn has used this product for one year.
  • Todd Henderson
    Todd HendersonDirector StartupGrind Cincy

    Exceptional inventory of unique finds. Phenomenal pics and descriptions. Can't lose out due to last second bids like other bidding sites.


    Browsing can be addictive. Possibly a huge time waster if you're not careful.

    Awesome platform. Great team. Smart, tech-enabled business model. Offers exceptional look at the items for sale. High quality seller and bidder experience.

    Todd Henderson has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Some good bargains ONLY if you know what to look for and you are aware of quality and condition.


    If You have an issue, customer service is non-existent. condition of items is often misrepresented on their web site and omitted in photos.

    Buyer beware. I had a very negative experience recently (and as of this date, it still has not been resolved). I received 8 dink f chairs that were presented in pics and in the description of being in fair condition. They showed one repairs which was done in one of the chairs which was acceptable to us. Once we received the chairs, we were shocked that they were glued together and missing wood and contained gouged wood and rotted fragments (they were, essentially, in very poor condition). After calling customer service immediately upon inspection, and several follow up calls...I did not get it ouch with anyone until I was transferred (4 days later) to Stephen in customer service. He who was rude, dismissive and basically told me he would do nothing as it was only “my opinion” and they would not do anything about it, despite the photos I offered to send him which evidenced the discordance between what I received and how they were marketed on the website. I Am currently in the process of working with another EBTH employee to resolve. We’re not only out the money we bid, additionally my husband and I had to undergo the expense of taking time off of work and to get a truck to pick up there items from the warehouse. BUYER BEWARE.

    DMGH has used this product for one year.
  • Joshua Rose
    Joshua RoseCTO @ TrekMarker

    Absolute best place to find awesome art


    Getting outbid

    If you are looking for a special one of a kind artwork for a bargain EBTH is a treasure trove of awesome.

    Joshua Rose has used this product for one year.