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I'm PM at Evernote and use it every day for various tasks: - I have a todo list note with my own tasks. Each task is usually a link to another note in which I put everything I need (reference to the email, documents, screenshots, ideas, subtasks...). - I have a notebook to collect UX and UI patterns I discover on other apps for inspiration. I share this with our design team. - I have a shared notebook for each project in which we share our meeting notes, interesting articles, demo videos, feature requirements, mockups, release notes and more. Basically, anything that the project team could need. - I email to my evernote email all the documents I'd need at some point in the future (SOWs, NDAs and more) so I can find them faster later (Evernote can search in the document content). - I "subscribed" to our business notebooks containing the Marketing Assets, the Model Agreements, the Top Priority Projects and basically any resource I need. I don't like to spend time organizing things (subfolder / tags) and I rely heavily on the search for making sense of my chaos. I've tried many other tools that are more specific to each tasks (todo / doc editor / image sharing), but I prefer the versatility of Evernote that has become more than just a note taking app to me.
Evernote is like a digital mind for me that I can see, sort and filter, and organize my search notes and favorites. A must-have for me, everyday at work!
Evernote with its simple lightweight toolset has made note taking extremely easy. Combined with powerful search and frequent syncing, it's really hard to think of a world without it