Note taking made easy

Would you recommend Evernote to a friend?


xavier delplanque
@xavierdelplanq · Product Manager, Evernote
I'm PM at Evernote and use it every day for various tasks: - I have a todo list note with my own tasks. Each task is usually a link to another note in which I put everything I need (reference to the email, documents, screenshots, ideas, subtasks...). - I have a notebook to collect UX and UI patterns I discover on other apps for inspiration. I share this wi… See more
Vinish Garg
@vingar · Co-founder @In23Hours @ContentHug
Evernote is like a digital mind for me that I can see, sort and filter, and organize my search notes and favorites. A must-have for me, everyday at work!
Nikunj Kothari
@nikunj · Senior PM, Shyp
Evernote with its simple lightweight toolset has made note taking extremely easy. Combined with powerful search and frequent syncing, it's really hard to think of a world without it