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Huge repository of ethical alternatives to mainstream stuff

#4 Product of the WeekMarch 26, 2019
An open, growing list of 150+ vetted resources for ethical living — from books to browser extensions, TED talks to apps – and ethical alternatives to projects from the big five nasty tech giants, including alternatives to Chrome, Drive, Maps, Fa$ebook, and much more.
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Great work! Very accurate selection and smooth user experience. Hope the list will continue to grow 👌👌
@benln Thanks a lot Ben! 😊

In my particular case, it's an alternative from browsing G2Crowd and instead support companies that relate to my cause. Curious how this is going to scale up when more companies will join the list and whether an upvote system like PH would happen.


Beautiful design, easy to browse and find companies that share my own ethic values.


I'd probably leverage reddit as a community vs. self hosted.

Hey Sergiu, yes working on a review system and a few other goodies, stay tuned! Or even better sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when we ship that, plus receiving updates regarding recent additions to the list. Thanks for your question!
ProtonMail and Tutanota could be added as email options.
@luikohl Good point, on it!

I am happy to see more and more ethical projects in the tech space. We definitely need them!


Lots of useful resources I didn't know about!


Would love to see an option for people to leave reviews or comments to each one

Thanks for the hunt Ben! Hey everyone, we're excited to do our bit in mainstreaming ethics and common sense both in the tech space and in our lifestyles. Any feedback or ideas on how how to achieve this more effectively, please hit us up 🙌