Esports One Fantasy

Fantasy Esports and all the supporting tools you need to win

All-in-one fantasy esports for the gamer in us all. Built by MIT/Cal-Tech data scientists using predictive modeling, we’ve architected precise team & players rankings, event scoring and more. The future of entertainment is here!
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28 Reviews4.8/5
I founded Esports One a couple of years ago with the goal of bringing real-time stats & data to the esports industry without relying on game publishers. If you look at traditional sports - live, data-driven stats and visualizations are essential to any broadcast. I thought it was crazy that esports, an entirely digital form of competition, didn’t have the same in their competitive broadcasts. Long story short, we built some pretty incredible computer vision to capture what’s happening live in a game and married it with machine learning to drive predictive insights, like a 90% accuracy predicting who will win a game within 10 minutes of starting. We worked with big hitters in the industry like Riot Games, Twitch, and Acer to provide real-time data as a service, powering products for live game casters, coaching platforms, and viewers of live esports streams. All this time spent working with stats & data in esports led us to realize something: There wasn’t a truly awesome fantasy esports product in the marketplace, and we just might be the right team to build it. Fast forward a few crazy months of development, beta testing with our community, and iterating on the product - and we’re finally ready to open E1 Fantasy’s beta to the public! If you’ve been missing out on sports and your fantasy league during this crazy time, now’s your chance to give fantasy esports a try. Any feedback is appreciated! Happy Fantasy-ing! Matt, Co-Founder of Esports One
Clean interface, the team take feedback well and develop on that feedback. The community has been very pleasant and helpful to those new to League or Fantasy. Great work, cant wait to see more games and leagues included!
@headopener A core principle since the beginning has been to value the communities needs above yours and that all you have to do is listen and they will tell you what to build. I'm a huge advocate of doing things that don't scale when your starting a company. Talking to each and every user is one of those things that for most companies won't scale, but for us, we will always put their needs and experiences above our own.
Tons of in-depth data and a clean UI. The E1 team has done an incredible job bringing the feeling and depth of fantasy sports to esports. With most traditional sports leagues shut down during this pandemic, E1 Fantasy may just be where you get your next fantasy league fix.
huge props to the team for powering through and launching a super powerful, clean product that can become the new standard for fantasy!
@vicsingh We wouldn't be here without you! Thanks Vic.
UI is sick! This is definitely the future of entertainment. Great work Matt/ Sharon and team!