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erxes Inc is a marketing, sales and customer service platform designed to help your business to attract more engaged customers. Replace Hubspot with the mission and community-driven ecosystem.

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MJ Amartaivan
MJ AmartaivanMakerPro@mendorshikh · Co-Founder and CEO of erxes Inc
Hey all! We’re erxes Inc with the team of 21 gritty members who have been working together for 4 - 8 years to achieve our goal and are trying to develop the mission and community-driven ecosystem for startups. We’ve spent the last few years looking for the perfect tool for our business growth to accelerate. And we’ve used the most amazing tools, but somehow there’s always be “but”, either it’s pricing or parts they can’t work the way we want it. Then, we asked ourselves “will we ever find one product that has everything we need?”. Soon, we realized there are many startups around us crave for the same thing, so we’ve decided to create the best tool for founders, freelancers, and independent agencies to grow their business with pleasure. Meet erxes! Here’s a highlight of our best features: TEAM INBOX: Combine real-time client and team communication with in-app messaging, live chat, email, and form, so you can interact with your customers however and whenever they want. DEALS: Easy and clear sales funnels allow you to control your sales pipeline from one responsive field by precisely analyzing your progress and determining your next best move for success. LEADS: Turn regular visitors into qualified leads by capturing them with a customizable landing page, forms, pop-up or embed placements. ENGAGE: Start converting your prospects into potential customers through email, SMS, messenger or more interactions to drive them to a successful close. CONTACTS: Access our all-in-one CRM system in one go so that it’s easier to coordinate and manage your interactions with your customers. KNOWLEDGE BASE: Educate both your customers and staff by creating a help center related to your brands, products, and services to reach a higher level of satisfaction. We offer a GREAT DEAL FOR YOU only within the ProductHunt launch /Limited for 24 hours only Visit Here to get 90% OFF only Product Hunt Launch Offer $5,000 -> $499/Pay once Please check out erxes Inc at: Star us on GitHub — it helps! If you'd like to support us, we're very grateful to all our backers on Open Collective & Patreon
Ганзориг БП.
Ганзориг БП.@ganzo · father, developer, project manager
Uyanga Vm
Uyanga Vm@uyanga_vm
Trey - Tsengel
Trey - TsengelMaker@tsengeldjc · I'm a Growth Hacker at erxes Inc
@uyanga_vm Thank you! Appreciated 😃
Alex Wawl
Alex Wawl@alexwawl · Software Engineer, Data Scientist
Congrats with launch! Why do you decide to make it open source?
Ariundagina Dugersuren
Ariundagina DugersurenMaker@ariundagina_d · Growth Hacker at Erxes Inc
@alexwawl Hey! Thanks a lot, first of all back in 2014 while we were testing different kinds of platforms for our business growth, we have decided to give the value to the community instead of taking. Secondly, we have been facing struggles over the years to find the most suitable platform with unlimited features, tools and of course within affordable price as a startup but we have decided to give the opportunity for other startup founders who are facing the same struggles.
Alex Wawl
Alex Wawl@alexwawl · Software Engineer, Data Scientist
@ariundagina_d Got it. Ghost Did the same and it was very cool decision. If you will need any help with hiring Data Scientists/Machine Learning Engineers/Analytics, etc. Contact me, maybe Worfor can be helpful you in hiring process
Naran Batjargal
Naran BatjargalMaker@naran_batjargal · Explorer
Thanks @alexwawl for the information, we appreciated.
Aldarmaa Ganbat
Aldarmaa Ganbat@aldarmaa_ganbat
Congrats with launch!
Trey - Tsengel
Trey - TsengelMaker@tsengeldjc · I'm a Growth Hacker at erxes Inc
@aldarmaa_ganbat Thanks really much, we're super excited 😁