Compare stocks/crypto with Google Trends πŸ’ΉπŸ“Š

Equiplore is a tool that allows you to chart out stock/crypto prices along with Google Trends. It can help you find some valuable insights and shows you the dynamics between hype on google and correlating change in stock price.
Michael Gubik
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Very interesting! Google Trends have a functionality that predict searches. Maybe you can use it to predict stocks movements too
@marialeal Yeah! Using an API, you can get pretty much get real-time Google Trend data. I think that would probably be the most helpful for traders and market enthusiasts.
Cool idea. Good no-frills interface. Congrats on launching this! You don't need a landing page at all! Just get me straight into the app. UX: Hitting return in the second text input field doesn't trigger the search. Bugs: Can't find e.g. Boeing (BA). Does find Monsanto (MON) but doesn't display the stock price.
Awesome idea - always thought this should exist.
Well, you managed to crash the site Product Hunt! I'm not sure how to fix this one 😭
Love this idea. I think what would help also is if it could show the most visited site based on the stock. For example, if I were to type in "Amazon", the result would show a search result with links to the most visited site in order from most visited on down. That way, investors can read the exact same article that everyone else is reading and making their investment decisions based on that. It'll help investors who trade based on catalyst.