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Equidam is all about providing a valuation for your business. I had a chat with one of the founders, Daniel Faloppa last week - they've built a polished product with a strong team.
Really interesting product - solving what I see as one of the most significant questions facing a startup: Just how much are we worth? Valuations generally rely on some kind of magic formula (traction, revenue, market size, team) that varies from investor to investor, this provides tangibility and a starting point for negotiations.
@dan_e_gray thanks, and indeed. We are trying to increate transparency in the process and help founders and entrepreneurs get a sound starting point for negotiations
Thanks Charlie! Glad to be on Product Hunt and meet the community! We are open to any comment and you can always tweet us at @equidamtweets!
@faloppad perfect landing page 😉
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@yoavanaki Thanks for the heads up! We're working on that problem right now!
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Is there a method or equation that tells how this valuation is calculated? It'd be good to have a set of coefficients and a list of summated metric which tells how to come up with a specific valuation. After then, this product will have a better value than it has today, as some may see it as "fortune teller". My 2c.
@gorkemcetin the 10 questions that you completed are just a taste, you can find more functionality on the full platform at secure.equidam.com . Thanks for the comment really appreciate the support!