An integrated social chat for your e-commerce site

With the Envite plug-in every eCommerce site can enhance its customer experience with an integrated social chat that will get everyone connected while shopping!
Socialize your eCommerce site by adding Envite new plug-in!
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We are so exited to have the product launched in ProductHunt! Looking forward to get comments from this community! Envite plug-in is in the house! Socialize your eCommerce site with the Envite chat plug-in. Get more quality traffic provided by your own users, create a better user experience and improve your conversion rates!
@anat_rimon I wish you success Anat :) Upvoted.
Cool! Would be nice to see a demo in your site
@thiago_sardim DONE my friend! check it out, we added the demo in our website! thanks for your comment!
This would be cool to see in the wild. Looking forward to playing with it when the Magento Extension for it launches.
Hey! Is this only applicable for e-commerce platforms?