Empower for Crypto

Auto-sync and track all your crypto on mobile, for free!

Empower for Crypto makes it really easy to connect favorite crypto exchanges once and track forever! It securely autosyncs your transactions, allowing you to manage your crypto on the go! Also, anonymously compare your verified returns on our Crypto Leaderboard!

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3 Reviews5.0/5
You could call 2017 the year that crypto really went mainstream. The Empower team has a new uplate to let anyone manage their crypto investments in the context of the rest of their finances. Their popular app now auto-syncs with the most popular exchanges and lets you track your crypto next to your USD accounts and investments, for free. The team has stayed true to their mission of empowering consumers to take back control of their money and I'm so happy they're now providing a solution for crypto as well.
Hello again Product Hunt! Thank you for hunting us Alexis! Over the last few months, we listened to our users and went ahead and beefed up our investment offering in the app. You can now auto-sync and track all your crypto and USD investments right from the app, for free! Here are some of the new things we've released: Connect your favourite crypto exchanges once and track forever (Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Bittrex and Bitfinex) - It only takes 5 minutes! Connect your investment accounts including Robinhood View your cryptoworth at any time and track and monitor your coins on the go via autosync Anonymously compare your verified returns on our Crypto Leaderboard! We welcome any feedback!
Glad to see a mobile-first solution to tracking crypto!
@campbellcapital Thanks, we appreciate the love. 🚀
This looks great! Quick question: Is it possible to manually add your crypto (how much you bought at what price, date)? I do not keep my coins on any platform, but if you can add them yourself, I definitely could use this!
@syswarren Hi Julie, great question! Right now we're only supporting syncing with exchanges, but it's definitely something we might look at in the future. :)
Yes!! Empower is my go to app for tracking my day to day finances (I really love the bank to bank transfer feature too), looking forward to include crypto holdings :)
@charleyma Thanks for the kind works! 🙌