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#4 Product of the DayJune 28, 2016

Enjoy the summer with your favorite emojis, including eggplant, poop, fire, 100, and sunglasses face.

Product Details:

• 5 to 7 feet long

• 3-way valve for easy inflating & deflating

• Premium matte-finish on ultra-thick, durable vinyl material

• Lounge eggplant has mesh support that allows you to sit in the water

Electric Pump:

Fill your float(s) up in less than one minute with one of our electric pumps. Our pumps also have a vacuum function, to condense your floats again for travel or storage.

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Nate Schmiedehaus
Nate SchmiedehausMaker@schmiedehaus
👋 Hey everyone, and thanks for the upvotes! I'm super excited today to launch my unicorn 🦄💫, a new line of emoji-inspired pool floats, with Product Hunt! 🎉🎈 I created these giant Emoji Pool Floats because swan and donut floats are so 2015, and is it really summer if there's no new pool float to Instagram yourself on?🤔 I think not.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Makerpad.co
@schmiedehaus so surely the unicorn float is next 🙃 EDIT: WHY do I want the poop one the most?! WHY?!
Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle@matthewboyle25 · Matt
@schmiedehaus silly but fun product. Good work.
Matthew Boogaard
Matthew Boogaard@boogsau · Director
@schmiedehaus I own a pool supplies e-commerce business in Australia. Looking for resellers? Selling to the southern hemisphere would make your business less seasonal :)
Nate Schmiedehaus
Nate SchmiedehausMaker@schmiedehaus
@boogsau Cool! Want to shoot me an email at nate@thrice.com?
Nate Schmiedehaus
Nate SchmiedehausMaker@schmiedehaus
@bentossell 💁 Because it's a miracle of 21st century creativity and engineering⁉️
BrianBest@brianbest · Software Developer
Our office has all agreed that this was something missing from our lives.
Nate Schmiedehaus
Nate SchmiedehausMaker@schmiedehaus
@brianbest You have an office of geniuses. I'd invest
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
These will go well with Swan floaty, @staringispolite and @jtzou.
Victor@vriparbelli · CEO, Synthesia
Just wondering if you thought about copyright with these products? I was researching a similar idea, but ended up discarding it because Apple actually own these emojis. In theory you could get sued. Or did you get permission?
Matt X. Benedetto
Matt X. Benedetto@mattyxb · Founder, Sondre Travel
@vriparbelli Does anyone have any actual sources of this happening? I've seen similar comments around other emoji based products but have never actually seen or heard of Apple taking action.
Victor@vriparbelli · CEO, Synthesia
@mattyxb Nope, haven't found any lawsuits. Just curious if the maker talked to Apple beforehand. Would suck to get struck by lightning...
Andy Dent
Andy Dent@andydentperth1 · Touchgram founder, coder+martial artist
@vriparbelli discussion and links https://www.reddit.com/r/Entrepr... also see https://github.com/emojidex/emoj... but don't directly copy the Apple ones because yes they are copyright. The IDEA of any given emoji is open but exact images are copyright unless open source as mentioned in the links earlier.
Alexi Roy
Alexi Roy@_alexiroy · Serial Entrepreneur > AlexiRoy.com
@vriparbelli I also thought of a similar idea and did not move forward because of copyright. @andydentperth answers seems to point to discussions that prove that it is in fact illegal and you could have trouble when you scale.
Shlok Vaidya
Shlok Vaidya@shloky · Director, Customer Success Operations
I'm honestly more interested in the fact that I can apparently buy this through PH. Is this the first thing to be able to do so? Is part of the future of PH e-commerce? Can a 'system of record' act in that dual capacity?
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@shloky we launched the Product Hunt Shop about a month ago. More details in this blog post.
Shlok Vaidya
Shlok Vaidya@shloky · Director, Customer Success Operations
@rrhoover How delightful. Somehow missed all of that. I feel like a regular at a bar who missed a birthday or something.