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Creepy. :) P.S. Stay tuned for Halloween Hunt, a collection of the most ridiculous/obscure/awesome costumes for Oct 31st. cc @mkakav, @TammyFabulous
@rrhoover I expect to see these masks in The Strangers 2.
This is a fun little side project by @Marshal and I. We had the idea about a month ago and rushed to get something out in time for halloween. Make no mistake, these things are pretty cheap and low quality but they're a blast to play around with. Perfect for photos!
.@jon and I will be writing up a full blog post detailing costs and revs at some point... But happy to ask any questions about the creation process here!
@marshal @jon just got the 5 pack, awesome product and awesome timing! Just hope you guys don't run out before you ship mine :S
Purchased all 5. Awesome. I would crank up the marketing machine and get more sku's going, stat!