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Short-term development support to high-demand niches

YouTeam is a platform for hiring remote developers. We’ve created a catalog of vetted engineers with experience building products for the high-demand industries of today. Scale your team with seasonal developers, ready to start ASAP.
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Hey Product Hunt family, As you might have noticed, on the one hand side, some industries seem to experience growth because of the higher demand for certain types products in the quarantine world. On the other hand, the uncertainty that comes with the economic recession greatly affects hiring decisions in almost every country of the world nowadays. We at YouTeam work with many startups, helping them hire software engineers from Eastern Europe and Latin America. We noticed that today startup founders from the rising industries are in need of a temporary dev workforce. That's how this idea came up: what if we compile a list of developers from our platform who already have the experience in the high-demand fields of these crazy days? And of course, we'll only list software engineers that are already waiting for their next project — which means, they can join your team ASAP. And when the job is done, or things go back to normal, and you don't need as much engineers anymore, you may downsize your team again. YouTeam provides that flexibility you need in the uncertain times.
Wasup hunters! I hope you're all staying safe amid these crazy times. 2020 has ravaged the status quo. While many businesses are suffering all closing down altogether, for many other this change has been for good. Here are some industries that are experiencing booming demand right now. To name a few: - Healthcare (especially Telemedicine) - Productivity tools - Scheduling - Project & process management - Supply chain management - Homeschooling - EdTech: remote education, coaching, tutoring, etc. - Doorstep delivery - Digital Entertainment & Online Media - Social Media - Online grocery retail - Video-gaming - Mobile Payments - Biopharma - Biotechnology - Pharmaceutical - Messaging - Telecommunications - Cyber Security, Cloud Security, Cloud Service At YouTeam we're sitting atop the dynamic talent pool of 20,000+ vetted engineers. So at one (zoom) meeting last week someone from the team just asked this question: what if we specifically handpick the engineers which have substantial experience in the above sectors and make a special website for the businesses who might be looking to hire a short-term reinforcement to meet the overwhelming demand? This is how Emergency developers came to existence. Looking forward to learning your thoughts!
That’s a ton of work getting all of these cool profiles together, folks. I admire your passion :)
@vovasanin We can't say it was easy. 😅 But it was important for us to make this catalog really useful for companies that need reinforcement during these crazy times. Thank you for your support, Val!
Useful, will surely try this
@sagar_ludhiyani Feel free to get in touch with us in the chat on the website for any help. We can also source the relevant dev profiles for you.
The timing for such an initiative is just perfect, and the catalogue is super easy to navigate. Awesome job! 👍