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If you want to start using the power of email automation in your business, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities. What kind of sequences should I use? How should I structure my emails? What should I write? Because there is no place to get inspiration for email sequences / email drip campaigns, we decided to create EmailDrips. Now you can easily filter through the different kind of email drip campaigns most suitable to your product. Big thanks to @miijustin and @dannypostma for posting this and we would love the tips & feedback from the Product Hunt community. You guys are awesome! (fistbump)
Thanks for the hunt, @mijustin. You rock! Quick summary. For this project I partnered up @sander_de_lange and @aslan_isaev. Two very talented (email) marketeers that noticed a big problem. There is not a single website that helps marketeers get inspiration and examples for their email automation. Out of sheer frustration and to help the community they build Emaildrips.com, a website that provides examples of email automations from experts in many different industries. Now you don’t have to sign-up to every newsletter to get examples, just browse through the website and see how experts optimized their email automation. We would love to hear what you think about the project!
@dannypostmaa nice work - would be amazing if some of the companies would give up conversion level data on these campaigns, but not holding my breath...
@passingnotes Low chance of happening ;). Also, I am not a big fan of listing conversion rates. What works for someone, might not work at all for someone else. Tone of voice, number of mails, it all depends on the audience. Inspiration should be used as starting ground. Find a style and method you like, try it out. If it works, happy days. If not, try a new approach.

Would love to see more performance stats, or case studies of performance on these.


Great concept, cool and helpful content.


SUPER aggressive signup wall and sharing funnel. Would not recommend content because of this. Feels like a turn-off.

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You are my new heroes! I've been collecting new/digging up old email sequences recently. Looking at you, HubSpot Welcome Emails. 👀 CC @niti_shah
@kunalslab @niti_shah Haha Thanks Kunal! Hubspot is definitely one to watch when it comes to email sequences (and content marketing in general :)!
I would love to see some cold email outreach sequences :).
@kuzeljan That is a great idea Jan! We will definitely be looking into that effective immediately ;)!