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The easiest and fastest email signature generator for mail that looks professional. Html template signature that works on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and many more

Johnathan Nader
Howard Keziah
  • Howard Keziah
    Howard KeziahCEO, Impact Technologies Group, Inc.

    Clean, attractive email signatures


    Poor payment processing, language issue

    After signing up and completing Stripe payment, I wasted time entering all my information for an email signature, only to be presented with this message, "missing_payment". I checked the My account section and see this message, "You have a pending payment. You will not be able to create any signature.
    " along with a "PAY NOW" button. Thinking that my payment didn't go through, I click the button and submit payment again. Nope. Still get pending payment message.

    I found at least one label that isn't using English. An entry for Office phone will create this label in the email signature; "Oficina:"

    I was willing to pay one month to use their service. But I regret it now. In the time I've spent trying to actually use their service I could have written the html myself.

    Howard Keziah has used this product for one day.
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{ ...Lou }
{ ...Lou }Maker@lou_alcala · App Developer
Hello ProductHunt, is a tool that facilitates the creation of email signatures, the final result is a mail signature of professional appearance and very easy to administer. Our goal was to create a tool that is easy to use and above all beautiful. We are still adjusting some things, but we will be happy to listen to your proposals for new features or to correct some bugs. EmailSignature is available in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this tool in the same way that we enjoy creating it. Have a beautiful and productive day.
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@lou_alcala typo in your description (sorry!): "profesional"
{ ...Lou }
{ ...Lou }Maker@lou_alcala · App Developer
Kaan S Barin
Kaan S Barin@kaansbarin · Hello
Monthly payment can more affordable
{ ...Lou }
{ ...Lou }Maker@lou_alcala · App Developer
@kaansbarin thanks Kaan, we will discuss this