Email Permutator+

Use with Rapportive to find Almost Anyone's Email Address

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Desi Saran@desisaran · Growth Strategist, Lean Startup Machine
I'm getting a malware warning from Google Chrome when I go to the URL.
Chad Whitaker@chadwhitaker · Product Designer at Product Hunt 👋
@desisaran Same here.
Ash Rust@ashrust · Cofounder, & CEO SendHub
@chadwhitaker same for me.
Asad Dhamani@asaddhamani · Founder, Crestify
@desisaran same here as well.
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@desisaran yes - it's weird, it wasn't showing as this this morning.
Stuart McCroden@mccroden · (undefined)
@desisaran Same here..
Dan Siegel@realmandan · Business Growth, Raizlabs
If interested in this kinda thing, we unbundled our email verification tool from our app:
Asad Dhamani@asaddhamani · Founder, Crestify
@realmandan Your app works a lot better, at least for non-gmail domains. While Email Permutator+ generates tons of possible addresses, your app seems to be giving the one correct address, at least for all the domains that I tried. charges $1 per lookup for the same result as yours.
Stuart McCroden@mccroden · (undefined)
Or you could use my hack from long ago:
Franky Aguilar@deleted-41279 · We out here 👽 Los Angeles
I found Kanye West's email. Its
Ryan Orbuch@orbuch · Developer, Feedless
Hahahaha I love that someone put this out there--no more annoyingly doing it manually!