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Get +50 email combinations and validate them with Rapportive

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Hey there Product Hunt! As the Head of Communications at, one of my main tasks to find and guess email addresses from influencers. For that job, I created an Excel spreadsheet that combines my potential contact’s information into the most common email formats on the web (e.g.: Gabi García and Gil Casadevall learned about this and, on a weekend, transformed my personal file into the Email Generator, a web tool that can be used by salespeople, entrepreneurs and anyone that contacts people for a living. I also shared my personal techniques in finding contacts through How to Find Anyone’s Email Address on the Web.
@conradolamas Handy tool for outreach! The folks at Distilled created something similar 3 years ago but with Google Docs:
@aleyda Thanks, Aleyda. Yes, it looks very similar! I wish I knew about it before creating my spreadsheet. Anyway, it was fun though to create a good-looking version of the Excel and share it through Product Hunt! :)
@conradolamas It saves time to generate the email ids, but in case the generated ids don't exist and your email server sends out emails... there is a potential chance of your email server being black listed. Is that correct?
@sridhar_kondoji Yes! It's really a bad idea to send an email to all those combinations: remember, almost all of them do not exist. They're probable matches, and should be validated with FullContact, Rapportive, Discoverly or any other email verifier... Thanks!
Nice! Was recently thinking of making something like this as I've been doing tons of outreach like this for Donald ( Would be nice to have a more complete solution tied in with the FullContact API or Rapportive to give you the addresses that are valid immediately, instead of having to manually test each combination.
@timjahn I totally agree, Tim. Anyone who connects the principle of this tool with a verifier without the need of copying/pasting will have a very interesting product to release.
@conradolamas - I actually wrote that a few months ago for something I was doing. Maybe I should release it in some fashion. :)
@timjahn Please do, really cool idea! Not sure about how feature works but it could be similar
@romain_lapeyre - Oh cool, didn't know about! Their tool does what I'm thinking but it's failing on some that I've been able to find with FullContact.
@timjahn Hum, so building such a tool would make sense then. is working in 60% of cases for me.
FYI @Conradolamas : Rapportive NOW only validates an email if person registered it with LinkedIn. So you might have the right email address and get false negatives with Rapportive. On the other hand... @Discoverly can match any email :)
@tsumme True! Rapportive is the most famous, but other alternatives try to go beyond. Also, try outside Gmail
Very handy way to find emails for outreach. Added it to my sales tools collections: