ELO Smart Straw

The reusable smart straw alternative to plastic ๐Ÿฅค

#4 Product of the DayAugust 27, 2018

The elo smart straw was created to drive awareness to reusable straw alternatives. ELO stands for the earth land and ocean. As an entrepreneur I want to do my best. I created elo from aluminum anodized metal. I created an app that will educate and break the habit of straw use and will with the support of community make elo a message for change!

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I really don't want to be negative here, but why is this logo is a copy of a credit card company in Brazil?(https://www.cartaoelo.com.br/) Really weird for me, unless there is a connection.. which I think there isn't.
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@guiiipontes Hello, thank you for linking that to me! I have received from some people that they thought it was elo the band. As I cannot do a full branding global search. That is quite interesting to see! Sadly though I am not affiliated or knew of this in Brasil! Cheers..
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If you search for "elo" on google images you can do a "full branding global search". Recommend you to replace it to not have problems with trademarks in the future.
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@guiiipontes @dirklin It's literally the same logo.
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@guiiipontes Thanks for the information!
@guiiipontes @jakewesorick Thanks again for this information and insight!
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Sorry but how is an aluminum straw โ€œsmartโ€?
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@ngme93 Hello, There are 2 points to the term smart! The mobile application that comes as an option to the straw attaches the meaning to smart because of the app providing education, cessation, awareness and social sharing, therefore coining the term smart. The second part to smart is that the straw itself is a very reasonable alternative to plastic straws and single use plastics. By using the elo straw as a smart choice, overcomes the waste of plastic straws it saves from landfills etc. Hope that helps!
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@ngme93 @dirklin To be honest I don't really see the benefit of the app. It isn't connected to the straw at all so it seems like just a simple reminder app (which every phone already has)
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@ngme93 @meloffbird Hi, The app is an option within the rewards! It is available to use as a dedicated reminder while providing insights to what is happening within the plastic movement. It is a 21 day challenge to change as part of marketing elo and driving more awareness towards the anti single use plastic's movent. Yes there are reminder apps. This was built to specifically provide a cessation challenge and straw use! Cheers,
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@ngme93 it's not, but some people still think that making an app to be sold with a physical product somehow makes it "smart".
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I'm really struggling with this. We now need kickstarter campaigns and apps to launch metal straws? My kids have been using copper straws for the last six years, we just picked them up at a local store.
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@andreasduess you sir are way ahead of the curve! Alternatives would be awesome if we approached the idea of our own straws. Sadly this does require some call to action! Straws are a bad habit. But absolute abstinence is way out of scope. Cheers

It's pretty clear the owner knows they're being deceptive with the user of "smart". It's also pretty shady they're using a clear copy of another brand's logo.


A reusable straw


"Smart" is a deceiving title

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I'm slightly confused about what makes this different from the metal reusable straws sold on Amazon, at Starbucks, etc.? Aside from being a bit cheaper than buying these at a store, the straw looks like something that could be purchased on Wish.com or Aliexpress for even cheaper. Where are you manufacturing them?
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@askdaylen Hi! The elo straw and app will be just one of those metal straws on Amazon after the KS campaign! There are metal straws all over the net! elo was created to be branded to raise awareness about alternatives. The media has been putting a lot of focus on abstinence (no straws) paper straws and the plastic scourge created by quick serve restaurants and their role in the mess that is plastic single use straws. It is my belief that we can change habits and refuse and reuse straws that can be in your home, work and bag! I most definitely did not think I would be carrying a 3 by 5 inch smartphone in my pocket! A starw is just like a pen in a bag! So that is the intent to change our habits!
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