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I've tried using things for small tasks but I find it takes so much explanation/setup for most tasks that very few tasks are actually worth using these tools for. Has anyone else had really positive results with these tools? What types of problems were you solving?
@blainehatab Thanks for the feedback! Many of our users are programmers who could write code if they wanted but simply don't have time. So for example, we wrote one script to download a spreadsheet over FTP, convert it to JSON, and reupload it. Simple enough to describe, even fairly simple enough to code --- but our users have a million other things to think about. So we lighten their load a bit.
Love this concept. Solves the problem of - I know how to program, but I need to write a specific function to achieve X but my knowledge or skill is unable to achieve it. Outsource that small task while you focus on everything else. Dope!!
Giving it a shot. Pretty sweet process so far. They've pulled my repo, got things running, provided a quote— all in a matter of hours. I've popped in my CC info, expecting results tomorrow sometime. Will report back!
@clarklab Thanks for the "live review" on this. It's like the Product Hunt special feature!
@kkdub thanks! Some context: I contacted them to help me launch a game I've been building. This sounds silly, but modern libraries have made it so easy that I've kinda coded myself into a corner. I've got a working game locally, but no idea how to actually move it to the cloud. This is my game, which you can actually pull down and run for yourself: https://github.com/clarklab/who-... An elf is going to get things ready to deploy on Heroku, as well as add the necessary Socket [http://socet.io] code I need to add support for "rooms", or the ability for my game to host more than one instance at a time. They quoted $200, I've pre-authed with Stripe, waiting to hear back. Stoked!
As a co-founder of the now dead http://deskelf.com, I applaud your efforts and wish you best of luck. +10 points for branding.
You email them a Python, JavaScript, Ruby, or Clojure programming task. If they can do it, they’ll give you a price. If you accept, they’ll get it done within 24 hours.